Setting Shortcut Text in Custom Menu Bar? 
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 Setting Shortcut Text in Custom Menu Bar?

Hello Reader,

How do you set the Shortcut Text in your own custom menu?  The books say
you only need to set the OnAction property in order to supply Shortcut
Text but when I set the OnAction property the Shortcut Text field
remains disabled when I try to set it through the UI.  I have not tried
to set it through code.  Is this something that has be set through
code?  How in the world can you set Shortcut Text for a custom
commandbar control?  I would think it can be done.  How?  It would be
possible to type an action in for the Caption property such as "New
Part" and then space over several times and type something like "Ctrl+N"
but I don't think this is needed.  I would think the proper way is to
set the Shortcut Text property somehow unknown to me.  The Shortcut Text
text box is never enabled for me.  Why is this?  Should a global setting
be set first?

Thank you very much,

PS.  I am using Access97 if that matters.

Fri, 08 Nov 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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