View Attachment with MAPI message in Win98 ???? 
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 View Attachment with MAPI message in Win98 ????

  Dim Oggetto_Messaggio As String
  Dim i As Integer, Numero_Messaggi As Integer, Numero_Allegati As Long
  Dim Nome_Allegato1 As String, Nome_Allegato2 As String

  Me.MAPISess.UserName = "*"
  Me.MAPIMess.SessionID = Me.MAPISess.SessionID

  Numero_Messaggi = Me.MAPIMess.msgcount
  For i = 1 To Numero_Messaggi
    Me.MAPIMess.MsgIndex = i - 1
    Oggetto_Messaggio = Me.MAPIMess.msgsubject
    If Oggetto_Messaggio = Ricavo_Dato_Configurazione(OGGETTO_EMAIL) Then
      MsgBox Me.MAPIMess.msgid & Oggetto_Messaggio

  MsgBox Me.MAPIMess.attachmentcount   >>>> value alwais = 0

      Dim k As Integer
      For k = 0 To Me.MAPIMess.attachmentcount - 1
        Me.MAPIMess.AttachmentIndex = k
        Dim intLenFileName As Integer
        Dim intStrPos As Integer
        intLenFileName = Len(Me.MAPIMess.attachmentPathName)
        MsgBox intLenFileName
      Next k

      End If

  Next i

Mon, 01 Sep 2003 20:48:48 GMT  
 View Attachment with MAPI message in Win98 ????
Check the example VBMAIL.VBP provided with VB5.0 (I do not know about VB6.0)

Tue, 02 Sep 2003 17:21:59 GMT  
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