Using officeXP Web Service Toolkit 2.0 
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 Using officeXP Web Service Toolkit 2.0

i've been developping a big middleware for the past 10
months. This includes an API, served through .net
webservices and .net remoting. I use a lot of complex
types that include vectors of other user defnied types

I made many java client for the webservice part, and many
remoting client too. All works fine.
Now i'd like to access to the webservices thanks to Office
Web Service toolkit too.
I made some tests, it seems to be quite easy to use.
I just have one question/issue.
I have noticed that .net type "ArrayList" (a kind of
Vector in fact) gives an error on the Office XP side. A
simple "Array" wont, but an "ArrayList" will.

I refuse to re-code all my middleware only because of
Office limitations (it's almost one year of work done).
As i'm not an expert in VBA ("only" in .NET, java,xml and
SOAP ;-)))... I may need help of people that are used to
deal with VBA and that know a bit about web services.
Is there a way to deal with this issue, i mean to retreive
the variables without an error and so to make my web
service client work ? To make maybe a code that will
transform the ArrayList into a correct VBA type ? An easy
and short way to change a little someting on the server
side ???



ps : sorry for my coarse english
pps : it's hard to define if it's a VBA question, or a
webservice toolkit question, or an office question so
please be indulgent :-)

Tue, 31 May 2005 23:24:46 GMT  
 Using officeXP Web Service Toolkit 2.0
sorry for the second post

Tue, 31 May 2005 23:32:15 GMT  
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