Control of Serial Interface by VBA 
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 Control of Serial Interface by VBA


Hopefully somebody can explain how to control the serial
interface COM1 with an Excel VBA macro. Especially: how to
tell the PC to send 8 bit data and not 7 bit data?

I have a telephony directory in EXCEL and have written a
VBA-Macro with which I can instruct a modem to seize the
telephone line, dial the desired number and release the
line after some time (modem is connected in parallel to
the telephone).
The macro sends a string to COM1, e.g.:

Open "COM1" For Binary As 3
stri$ = "atd0w123456,,;h0" + Chr(13)
Put 3, , stri$

Problem herewith:
The PC sends (when requested by EXCEL macro) on COM1 in
the form Start + 7 bit + Stop (verified by oscilloscope),
but the modem requests the string in the form Start + 8
bit + Stop (I can't change this on my modem).
[If I send the same string with Microsoft Hyperterminal it
is sent with 8 bit and the modem works fine].

How can I instruct the PC to send with 8 bit?
The line
mode com1 12, n, 8, 1
in autoexec.bat does not help.
Start - Einstellungen - Systemsteuerung - System -
Ger?temanager - Anschlsse - COM1 - Anschlu?einstellungen -
 8 bit (in English somehow Start - Settings - System
control - System - Devicemanager - Connections - COM1 -
Settings - 8 bit) does not help either.

Operating system: Windows 98

Many thanks and best regards!

Fri, 12 Nov 2004 23:13:03 GMT  
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