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Ghost Installer 1.6.2 "Christmas Edition" released
This is Christmas Time, and we would like to make a special gift to you and to announce the release of the Ghost Installer 1.6.2 "Christmas Edition", the latest version of our free, easy to use installation system.

The Ghost Installer "Christmas Edition" is truly outstanding software - we are very proud to announce that the famous games maker KD-Lab has already selected it, as the installation system for its newest game "Moonshine Runners". Other products like InstallShield were considered, however on the end KD-Lab liked the superior compression of Ghost Installer as well as the customer support of gInstall Corp.

The "Christmas Edition" is the most powerful version of our application setup system ever released. Lately it easily handled a 300 MB, 1800 files application installation on a request from one of our clients!

Being released on 20th December 2000, exactly one year after the very first release of Ghost Installer, "Christmas Edition" is also the final version of the "first generation" of our installers.

Now our focus is on the release of the revolutionary Ghost Installer 2.0 (code name: "Next Generation"). Expect the alpha-release in January 2001. Also stay tuned for details on the upcoming release!

Visit us under, download the "Christmas Edition", and subscribe to the forums to make sure you don't miss any important events or offers.

Tue, 17 Jun 2003 00:39:23 GMT  
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