Consecutive numbering 
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 Consecutive numbering

I want to create a template called a RGA form (Return
Goods Authorization).  Each time the template is opened it
must be numbered consecutively by several users on an
intranet within my office.

The first time the template is opened it will be numbered
2500.  It gets completed by tabing to different form
fields and saved.  The next time the template is opened
the number of the document should now read 25001, etc.

Is there are macro add in or what ever available that I
can use to do this.  I cannot write it myself, but, I can
do a small amount of editing.

Someone told me that they saw a web sight that had such a
code written and available.  I cannot remember where.

Thank you for you help.

Wed, 20 Jul 2005 02:55:16 GMT  
 Consecutive numbering
That's a co-incidence; there is a bloke with the same name as you on
another VBA newsgroup asking a very similar question.   May I suggest
that you drop him a mail and discuss possible solutions?


Wed, 20 Jul 2005 04:00:07 GMT  
 Consecutive numbering

I have placed a Word template on my site which does this Consecutive
Numbering on my site.   Please download the template from:

Tomorrow (or rather later on this morning) I will write some words as
another tutorial explaining how it works.   But, if in the meantime, you
wish to play with the code then feel free.

At the moment it needs a database placed somewhere (the location is in a
const statement at the top of the form class code) and this example is in
MS Access 2000.

There is one table to be created called [Numbers] and it has two fields:
  [InvoiceNumber]   - an AutoNumber field
  [MachineHost]     - a text field

A full explanation will follow in the morning after when I get up.  But I
hope that this is of interest.


Sat, 23 Jul 2005 09:26:00 GMT  
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