Searching and automatically updating fields 
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 Searching and automatically updating fields

I have created a table to schedule meetings.  the table consists of 16
fields. The Company ID's are already filled in and I am scheduling
individuals to meet with each company.
Fields in table:
record count (automatic count)
Company ID
Meeting 1
Meeting 2
Meeting 3
Meeting 4
Meeting 5....through 14

the table looks like:
Count    CoID        Mtg1    Mtg2    Mt3    Mtg4    Mtg5......
1            COA        Dist1
2            COB
3            COC                    Dist1

I have setup theMeeting fields as "no duplicates" to prevent me from
scheduling the same person at the same time for different companies.  This
works fine, but I need to find out is if Access can do the following:

If I try schedule "Distributor 1" to ABC company in the meeting 1 timeslot,
and Distributor 1 has already been scheduled to meet with someone else
within that time slot:
Can Access search on the row that ABC company is on
And Search the other meeting fields
Find a meeting field that Distributor1 has Not been assigned to yet
automatically update the open meeting field for Distributor 1 and company to

Thanks for your help


Sun, 15 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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