Report Fields Data Insertion and Update 
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 Report Fields Data Insertion and Update

I am just learning VBA for WORD, and am doing a project for a large Report

I want to enter the title and edition number on the front page, and then have
these inserted at relevant points in the body text, and in the footers,throughout
the document.

Also, if the user later changes the title or edition number on the first page, he
wants this information updated where it's been inserted in the text and footers
throughout the document.

I've tried several things:-

1  styleref fields don't seem to cross section breaks, and I've got a number of
section breaks in the document

2  ref fields linked to bookmarks don't achieve the desired result because of the
in-built paragraph mark, with gives me an unwanted carriage return when the data
is inserted in the document

3  I thought of putting the contents of the Title and Edition Number ookmarks
into a couple of custom doc properties that I'd added   to the template, but I
can't get the macro to input the bookmarks contents into these properties.

I'm sure that someone more experienced than me can tell me an easy way to do
this, it must be a standard  requirement in almost all report templates.

I can check the forum for replies, or you could e-mail me if you prefer at

Thanks for any help you can give me...Dave

Wed, 29 Oct 2003 03:42:42 GMT  
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