Thanks so much, Please read for more information. 
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 Thanks so much, Please read for more information.

The Crux of my problem is how do I relate [Company,
Subdivision, and Lot number] as one "Field" in a drop down
box for users to selected as the lot they want to add a
construction progress too. Ie the 55 construction actives
that take place during construction through sale. The user
needs to just add a new company and or a new subdivision
and it's lot numbers on the fly. They cannot create a
table (they don't know how nor want to know how) . They
want to add companies and subdivisions on the fly from a
form. Unless you know a way to create a new table
automatically upon entry of a new subdivision? They just
want to type in a new company or subdivision from a form
or forms then have it show up in the list of companies to
add a subdivisions too, then in the list of subdivisions
to add lot numbers too. Then for regular users to select
that exact Company/Subdivision/lot#  to add construction
actions to. The Tables must exist already. It would be a
mess to have to create a table every time they start a new
subdivision. They want a finished DB for regular users to
use. (no hired DB expert to create or modify the DB to add
New companies or subdivisions.

What they are wanting to do is be able to look at a
Company (of their 4 existing or add any new company they
may open in the future). Then on selection of one of the
companys, See all the subdivisions owned by that company
then on selection of a subdivision and see all the lots
under construction in that subdivision . Then look at
Items /actions related to that one piece of property. Ie.
Other tables.

The other tables have several fields each a couple of  
examples are

[Temporary Power Poll]
Expected Install Date: (short date format)
Install Date: (short date format)
Complete   Yes/No
Actual Completion Date: (short date format)
Responsiable Person = List box employee titles ie..
forman, laborer, Vice pres, etc.
Date power pole record entered in to DB= Auto date

[ Grading ]
Expected Grade Date: (short date format)
Actual Grade Date: (short date format)
Complete :  Yes/No
Completion Date: (short date format)
Responsiable Person: = List box employee titles ie..
forman, laborer, Vice pres, etc.
Date:  Grading record entered = Auto date

[Lot Sold]
[Lot under contract] etc etc.

Anything you can imagine that would take place from
purchase of subdivision property
Through final sale of a House built on a "LOT" with in
that subdivision

Each of these actions above all have several fields and
dates. But each will be entered at a different time as
construction goes on.

I have 55 of these actions/actives like above that belong
to only 1 "lot" number ie. (company+subdivision) then lot
#'s. But remember I can have ten lots each with the #1 as
it's lot number. I could have a subdivision with the same
name as another subdivision but owned by one of their
different companies. Example: on repeted lot #

Company                 Subdivisions            
        Lot #'s
New Ridge Homes         Park Place              101a,
102a, 103a, 101b, etc.
                                Ivy Crest      
        101a, 102a, 103a etc.
                                Big Lake        
        B40, b41, j32, etc

Fountain Homes          New Park Place  A100, A101, B101
                                Ivy Crest West  
        A100, A101, A102,

Everything I have done to combine [Company, Subsivision,
Lot Number] shows up in the drop down box fine but upon
selection only one of the three (company, Sub, Lot #) will
be displayed in the field upon selection. So if I let any
single item of the three (company, Sub, Lot #) remain in
the field alone after selection I end up garbage because
the actions to be entered are based on all three (company,
Sub, Lot #) equaling a unique record on the total of the 3
(company, Sub, Lot #) but not unique for any single one.
ie. just company just Subdivision or any single one of the

This is why I think I need a new way to design the
tables?  Some way to extablish (company, Sub, Lot #) as a
single field or record to take the 55 actions upon.

I hope this makes sence, I will be here all night and all
day tomorrow until I can figure this out. I know I am just
missing something stupid, but I have wasted 60+ house and
am losing my mind

Thank to all
Losing it bad
Keith J

Thu, 04 Aug 2005 07:48:26 GMT  
 Thanks so much, Please read for more information.


You've now got two threads in this newsgroup
(microsoft.public.access.modulesdaovba, an inappropriate newsgroup for
this basically table-design question) and two in
microsoft.public.access.tablesdbdesign. I'll reply to your thread

Just as a matter of newsgroup etiquette, please crosspost to
appropriate newsgroups (gettingstarted and tablesdbdesign, perhaps,
for this subject matter) rather than multiposting; and reply to
messages rather than starting a new thread. I realize you're tense and
frustrated but it will be easier for you as well as the volunteers
here if you keep it to one thread in one newsgroup.


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Thu, 04 Aug 2005 10:37:30 GMT  
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