VBA Help doesn't function in Access 2000 
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 VBA Help doesn't function in Access 2000

When in Access 2000 on MS 2000, if I get into Design on some module
code, for some topic searches (like "Table") the help system reports
"Microsoft Access cannot display help. An error has occurred and this
feature is no longer functioning properly.  Would you like to repair?"
Repair involves the Office 2 disk, but I've gone through the procedure
many times with no effect.  I've reinstalled Access too.  The only
clue is that I installed Visual Studio 6.0 MSDN library a few weeks
ago.  Some topics work OK.. like if I go to a code line, cursor a
method and hit F1 the help for the command syntax comes up.

        Does anyone have a clue as to how I can get my help restored?

Thu, 20 Feb 2003 03:14:18 GMT  
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