Adding text to Drawing Text box via VBA 
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 Adding text to Drawing Text box via VBA

Tried to post this on 20th Sep, but it didn't appear.
Trying again.....

I'm trying with VBA to add a text box to act as a "Message
Board" which can be placed against any task in the Gantt
view.  If I record a macro in Project, it records the
creation of the Text Box OK, butdoesn't record
the actual text keyed into the box after it has been

Does anyone have any ideas how to insert a text string
into a drawing text box under VBA control?

I don't want to use task notes because the Notice Board
has to float over the Gantt view and be visible at all

Thanks for your help.


Fri, 11 Mar 2005 21:54:22 GMT  
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