Custom property page problems 
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 Custom property page problems

I'm trying to learn how to create a COM Add-in for Outlook
by following the example at:


I think that I understand the directions, mostly.  
However, after I build my COM-Addin, I don't see the "Wrox
Phone Number Changer" property page when I right-click on
a Contacts folder in the Folder List.  Instead, I see
General, Home Page, Outlook Address Book, Activities,
Administration, Forms, Permissions, and Synchronization
tabs instead.

I had added the following Sub to my Outlook 2000 VBA code,
and restarted Outlook, I've even tried rebooting:

Private Sub moNS_OptionsPagesAdd(ByVal Pages As
PropertyPages, _

  ByVal Folder As MAPIFolder)

  On Error Resume Next

  'For all contact folders load the custom Property Page.

  If Folder.DefaultItemType = olContactItem Then

    Pages.Add "PropertyPage.ctlPhoneChanger", "Wrox Phone
Number Changer"

  End If

End Sub

Strangely, if I try to compile PhoneChanger.dll with
Outlook running I get

Permission denied: 'C:\mypath\PhoneChanger.dll'

So it looks like Outlook has the .dll loaded.  As in the
example, I have my dsrPhoneChanger in a PhoneChanger.vbp
project and the basPhoneChanger and ctlPhoneChanger in a
PropertyPage.vbp project.  

Both projects are in a PhoneChanger.vbg group.  The
package and deployment wizard won't let me choose the
*.vbg, so I choose the PhoneChanger.vbp project and add
the PropertyPage.ocx to my project.  I tried shutting down
Outlook, running the setup.exe in my Package folder, and
restarting Outlook, but I still don't see the property

The code is basically cut and paste, all I had to do was
make sure to name my controls the same as in the example.  

I commented out the following routines, that were added
automatically to my dsrPhoneChanger:

'Sub Hide()
'    On Error Resume Next
'    FormDisplayed = False
'    mfrmAddIn.Hide
'End Sub

'Sub Show()
'    On Error Resume Next
''    If mfrmAddIn Is Nothing Then
''        Set mfrmAddIn = New frmAddIn
''    End If
''    Set mfrmAddIn.VBInstance = VBInstance
''    Set mfrmAddIn.Connect = Me
''    FormDisplayed = True
''    mfrmAddIn.Show
'End Sub

''this method adds the Add-In to VB
'Private Sub AddinInstance_OnConnection(ByVal Application
As Object, ByVal ConnectMode As
AddInDesignerObjects.ext_ConnectMode, ByVal AddInInst As
Object, custom() As Variant)
'    On Error GoTo error_handler
'    'save the vb instance
'    Set VBInstance = Application
'    'this is a good place to set a breakpoint and
'    'test various addin objects, properties and methods
'    Debug.Print VBInstance.FullName
'    If ConnectMode = ext_cm_External Then
'        'Used by the wizard toolbar to start this wizard
'        Me.Show
'    Else
'        Set mcbMenuCommandBar = AddToAddInCommandBar("My
'        'sink the event
'        Set Me.MenuHandler =
'    End If
'    If ConnectMode = ext_cm_AfterStartup Then
'        If GetSetting
(App.Title, "Settings", "DisplayOnConnect", "0") = "1" Then
'            'set this to display the form on connect
'            Me.Show
'        End If
'    End If
'    Exit Sub
'    MsgBox Err.Description
'End Sub

''this method removes the Add-In from VB
'Private Sub AddinInstance_OnDisconnection(ByVal
RemoveMode As AddInDesignerObjects.ext_DisconnectMode,
custom() As Variant)
'    On Error Resume Next
'    'delete the command bar entry
'    mcbMenuCommandBar.Delete
'    'shut down the Add-In
'    If FormDisplayed Then
'        SaveSetting
App.Title, "Settings", "DisplayOnConnect", "1"
'        FormDisplayed = False
'    Else
'        SaveSetting
App.Title, "Settings", "DisplayOnConnect", "0"
'    End If
'    Unload mfrmAddIn
'    Set mfrmAddIn = Nothing
'End Sub
'Private Sub IDTExtensibility_OnStartupComplete(custom()
As Variant)
'    If GetSetting
(App.Title, "Settings", "DisplayOnConnect", "0") = "1" Then
'        'set this to display the form on connect
'        Me.Show
'    End If
'End Sub

''this event fires when the menu is clicked in the IDE
'Private Sub MenuHandler_Click(ByVal CommandBarControl As
Object, handled As Boolean, CancelDefault As Boolean)
'    Me.Show
'End Sub

It seems pretty straight-forward, any idea what I could
have done wrong?

Sun, 11 Jan 2004 02:05:30 GMT  
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