Need help reading Outlook keyword fields into Access field 
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 Need help reading Outlook keyword fields into Access field


I have an Outlook Contacts form with couple keyword fields
(muitple checkboxes with corresponding text grouped
together).  For example, you can have a field call
accessory which contains several checkbox such as Auto
transmission, AC, radio, cloth seats, leather seats.  Each
of these can be checked off if it applies.

The problem is that I am trying to read this Outlook 2000
keyword field within a Contacts form and assign them to a
Access text field.  The VBA method that I am using is
UserProperties().  The mutiple keywords are not readable
and hence the Access field remains empty after running the

I followed the sample code in Microsoft Knowledge Base
article Q253793.

The problem with this sample code is that all fields on
the Outlook side are simple text field.  No keyword field
in the sample code.

Thanks for everyone's assistance!!!


Mon, 17 May 2004 00:55:06 GMT  
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