Passing Userforms to subs (Word 2000 and 2002, I did not try Word 97) 
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 Passing Userforms to subs (Word 2000 and 2002, I did not try Word 97)

In order to access the Caption of a Userform in a Sub, I must pass the
Userform as an Object, instead of as a Userform.
In addition, if I do pass the Userform as a Userform, instead of as an
Object, setting the Caption in the Sub causes the text to appear in the body
of the Userform, instead of the Title bar. For example:

1. Create a Userform with 3 buttons:

    btnFinish: Caption "Finish"
    btnPushMe: Caption "Push me!"
    btnPushMeToo: Caption "Push me too!"

2. Create a module with a sub ResetCaption with the following code:

Option Explicit
'Public Sub ResetCaption(Optional frmCurrent As MSForms.UserForm = Nothing)
Public Sub ResetCaption(Optional frmCurrent As Object = Nothing)
    If frmCurrent Is Nothing Then
        frmSetUserformCaption.Caption = "Bagels and lox is really good
        frmCurrent.Caption = "Pizza is yummy too!!"
    End If
End Sub

3. Use the following code in the Userform:

Option Explicit

Private Sub btnFinish_Click()
    Unload Me
End Sub

Private Sub btnPushMe_Click()
End Sub

Private Sub btnPushMeToo_Click()
    ResetCaption Me
'    ResetCaption frmSetUserformCaption
End Sub

I get the same result using either Me or the Userform name, in my case,

The corresponding code works properly in both VB and VB .Net passing a Form
instead of an Object.
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