Resource Pool and Competence Pool 
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 Resource Pool and Competence Pool

Hi everybody,
I have some question to post. I wonder how do I setup an competence and
resource pool and how do I link them to my master project.
The competence pool should display the names of competences such as NT,
Novell etc...
The resource pool should display the personal names of the resources off my
In Gantt Chart view I would like to choose one competence and resources
assigned to this competence level. The Gantt Chart should also display
columns called Competence Name and Resource Names

1) I create a new task
2) In the task information dialogbox I would like to have the resources tab
(allready exists) and one competence tab (not exists).

Can it be done by code or other way(s)?

An other question
How do I distribute my digital signature to the end-users computer?
This is to avoid the macro protection dialogbox to block whole server until
choice is maked by the user. There can be more than 300 shared projects
linked to one master project on our projectcentral server and this can and
will bring problems when the user(s) activates projects with VBA code.

I work on P2000 and our server is an Win2000-server

I hope you understand my trivial question(s).

Best regards
/ Kari Salo

Fri, 24 Jan 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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