These Deiploma SPAMS are really well done 
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 These Deiploma SPAMS are really well done

I have been able to catch almost all HTML SPAM and plain text SPAM using VBA in Outlook 2002.  The following SPAM gets sent to my Hotmail account and I export it into Outlook as a test.  Due to a bug in this procedure note that no headers are available.  NONE!  And I am going to catch this.  I hope.

It comes as HTML.  The SPAMMER knows that bogus html tags are just as good to break up words in the body as HTML comments; C<!--rubbish->al<!--rubbish->l N<!--rubbish->ow<!--rubbish->.  These I catch easily.  But here is what they do; C<wXccd>all <wXccd>No<wXccd>w!<wXccd>.

The placing of the bogus HTML tags is random.  And due to the rules of HTML (is there any?) in Windows anyway, these bogus HTML tags just don't do anything AND they don't display.  So the above appears in Outlook 2002  as Call Now!

Any bright ideas how to catch SPAM like this?  Remember headers are not available.

George Hester

Thu, 13 Oct 2005 00:17:08 GMT  
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