Having trouble programatically switching between fax and pdf report output 
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 Having trouble programatically switching between fax and pdf report output


I have a report that runs in an automated program that depending on the
situation either outputs to a TalkWorks Pro, a printer or a pdf file (to
then be emailed via Outlook 2000).  I've gotten code working pretty good for
the first two destinations using examples from Litwin & Getz's excellent
Access 97 Developer's Handbook, but the pdf file is giving me trouble.  When
I first try to set it up via code and then output it, I get a "Sorry the
printer you previously used... Acrobat PDFWriter on File1: is not longer
available.  The program then gives me an opportunity to manually set up the
destination.  I then manually set up the report to go to... you guessed it
Acrobat PDFWriter on File1:.   After manually set up for the first time, I
can switch between the fax, printer and pdf without problem.

Normally, manually setting up this system for the first time would not be a
problem but this is code which is published to 5 other servers from a
central location.  Manually setting up the pdf for the first time on 10
reports for each server is not a fun task.

I've tracked it down to something to do with initially using the default
printer, but the underlying structures are beyond me.  Does anyone have any
samples of this type of code or have any ideas?

Fri, 18 Apr 2003 11:50:33 GMT  
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