COM add-in newbie advice please 
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 COM add-in newbie advice please

Hi all, I have a few VBA forms in MSP that I would like to rewrite as
a VB COM add-in, I have downloaded the example/template from Microsoft
but I am a bit confused with some structural questions, and any
help/advice would be much appreciated;
- I have a few forms that are invoked in VBA via individual toolbar
buttons, can I write a single COM add-in that will include them allin
one toolbar, if so how do I add and respond to multiple toolbar
- each form captures additional data related to the currently selected
task or resource in MSP, they each validate initially to ensure
selection is appropriate. In VBA I perform this validation (and other
list initialisation etc.) in the initialize event of the form, and
unload the form when the user hits OK/Cancel, so the data is
re-initialised if the user then clicks the same button again on a
different task/resource. In COM I had problems with using unload
frm..., it seemed to hang, and VB help seems to recommend using hide
rather than unload - should I move the code that was under initialize
event in VBA to a different event in VB form, e.g. activate, or will
this cause other problems (e.g. when user switches Windows
applications will activate event fire again?)

In short, I knew where I was with VBA forms invoked by toolbar buttons
in MSP, but I am struggling to grasp the structural equivalent in a
COM add-in. If anyone has experience of this I would appreciate a few
BTW the reason I want to convert to COM is to provide a more
professional and secure distribution route (as far as I know VBA code
cannot be protected), I would also like to use some of the additional
GUI features in VB forms (right-click dropdown menus, common dialog
box etc.).
Laurence K.

Tue, 21 Dec 2004 06:34:27 GMT  
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