Storing data associated with words 
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 Storing data associated with words

Oops, I intended to x-post this

> I have a requirement to keep internal data associated with individual
> These "words of interest" (WOI) will be inserted programmatically along
> a sort of "tag" or "reference" that I will use to identify the word as one
> of my WOIs.  Now, this data associated with a WOI must stay associated
> the WOI (and only the WOI) regardless of user actions including typing,
> and drop, etc.  If the WOI is deleted, the data must also be deleted.  I
> have been trying to use bookmarks but I am having serious problems and the
> work-arounds are getting ridiculous.  Is there anything else that can be
> used for this that I may have missed?

> Here is what I have observed with bookmarks based on user actions,
> to cursor and bookmark location:
>     "This is |[another] test"
>     (bookmark range matches "another" and cursor immediately bookmark)
>     User types "test "
>     Result - "This is [test |another] test"
>     Note: Same thing happens when I insert text programmatically.

> There are also similar problems related to deleting one WOI
> before inserting another WOI and ending up with overlapped bookmarks.

> Any suggestions?

Tue, 11 Mar 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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