Macro to update source document server name 
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 Macro to update source document server name

I was directed tot he following article
( http://www.*-*-*.com/ ) about a macro to
relink graphic files in a document if the files are moved
from one network drive to another.

The problem I have is as follows:

1. I have a number of merge letters (up to 100) in a
directory that are linked to source documents in another
directory on my server.

2  When these files are copied onto a client's server, the
server name is different to ours and hence each source
document has to be manually relinked to reflect the new
server name.

3. Is there a way to automate this taks so that it:
(a) opens up the first letter
(b) replaces the old server name with the new server name
in eh mail merge secondary document link
(c) saves and closes the document
(d) continues this loop until all the files in the
directory have been updated

Your help in this matter is greatly appreciated.


Helen B

Sat, 04 Sep 2004 08:01:00 GMT  
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