Pasting Excel range as embedded object in outlooks body 
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 Pasting Excel range as embedded object in outlooks body

I'm trying to get Excel and Outlook (97 and 2000) to work
Creating a workbook and sheets in Excel from VB or VBA is
not the problem, nor is creating an email message but what
I want to do is to copy part of a worksheet and paste it
into the email's body as an embedded item. (the entire
workbook would be
sent but an specified range would be shown in the emails

I haven't found a way to do it.

Thanx in advance.


-----Part of the outlook code-----
With objOutlookMsg
..To = Rst!email
..Subject = "Address Check"
..Body = "Dear " & Rst!Title & " " & Rst!LastName &
vbNewLine & vbNewLine
..Body = .Body & "blablabla"
..Body = .Body & vbNewLine & "Ben"

'Here I want to paste the Excel.selection

..Importance = olImportanceHigh
End With

Mon, 05 Jul 2004 19:30:18 GMT  
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