Create contacts from emails received during a specific time period 
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 Create contacts from emails received during a specific time period

I have created a custom form for replying to messages when I am out of the
office.  I also have a rule set up so that I can only respond to messages
with the custom reply when I'm scheduled to be out of the office.  However,
this means that everyone who sends me an email will get a reply, even if I
have already replied to an earlier email sent by the same person.

I would like to have the following sequence triggered for all incoming email

1) Check the sender's email address against the email addresses in a special
contact folder.
2) If it is in the special contact folder, don't respond.
3) If it is not in the special folder, respond with a custom "out of the
office" message and add the sender's email address to the special contact

Can someone point me in the right direction or offer any suggestions?


Sat, 02 Aug 2003 11:09:42 GMT  
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