Command Bar & Button Difficulties 
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 Command Bar & Button Difficulties

I would like to create a command bar  with just one button every time i open
a specific document.  So therefore i create the runt eh following procedure
in the document code:

Private Sub Document_DocumentOpened(ByVal doc As IVDocument)

End Sub

The procedure CreateCommandBar is in my module1:
Public Sub CreateCommandBar()
    Dim cbrcmdbar As CommandBar
    Dim cbButton As CommandBarButton
    'create temporary toolbar that doesnt persist between applications
    Set cbrcmdbar = Application.CommandBars.Add(Name:="CustomToolBar")

    If cbrcmdbar.Enabled = True Then
        cbrcmdbar.Visible = True
    End If

    Set cbButton = cbrcmdbar.Controls.Add(Type:=msoControlButton)
    With cbButton
        .Caption = "Output File Preview"
        .FaceID = 7075
        .OnAction = "thisdocument.printunitcode"
        .Tag = "cbbVBAMacro"
    End With

End Sub

When i open the document i get the following error:
"Runtime Error 5
Invalid Procedure Call or Argument

When I debug it points to the procedure above:
-- Set cbrcmdbar = Application.CommandBars.Add(Name:="CaseToolBar") --

Thu, 04 Nov 2004 05:13:12 GMT  
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