Access File On CDRom Drive 
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 Access File On CDRom Drive

Hi all.

Is it possible to read an Access database that is on a CD drive?

I'm developing an application that will read an access database from
CD.  The database is built to be query only, I do not intend to try to
write back to it.

Nonetheless, the microsoft JET engine complains and puts up a message
  "The Microsoft Jet Database engine cannot open the file
'z:\maryland.mdb'.  It is already opened exclusively by another user, or
you need permission to view its data."

The z: drive is my CD.

My application is written in C++ and uses a CDaoRecordSet (recset).

I call the open as follows....

    recSet.Open(dbOpenSnapshot, NULL, dbReadOnly|dbForwardOnly);

Are there other flags I need to specify to open the access database


Sat, 24 Jan 2004 01:00:03 GMT  
 Access File On CDRom Drive


>Is it possible to read an Access database that is on a CD drive?

The trick is to include a zero byte .ldb file on the CD with the same
name as the MDB.  Although test this trick first using a CD-RW.   Also
a command line option such as /EXCL or /READ or somewhat similar.
also needs to be set.   There are also reports that this technique
doesn't work in A2002.

Tony Toews, Microsoft Access MVP
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Sat, 24 Jan 2004 11:43:07 GMT  
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