Oracle ODBC driver / Microsoft ODBC driver for Oracle 
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 Oracle ODBC driver / Microsoft ODBC driver for Oracle

After preforming a select a try to run the following code :

      qdf.Connect = strCon
      qdf.SQL = strSQL
      qdf.ReturnsRecords = True
      Set rsttemp = daoqdf.OpenRecordset

      If Not rsttemp.EOF Then
         'Count number of records:
         progbar_ = rsttemp.RecordCount

When using a Oracle ODBC driver (Oracle73 ver the code runs Ok,
but if I use
Microsoft ODBC for Oracle (MDAC 2.5) the code fails when running  <
rsttemp.MoveLast >
I get the following error message :

        Error #  3238  was generated by  DAO.Recordset
        ODBC--data out of range.

can anyone tell me what might be wrong ??
I have tried to find documentation, but with no luck.
I have checked the data in the records that are selected and they look OK
 no number values that are to big or with to many decimals)
Are there any major differences between Oracle ODBC driver and  Microsoft
ODBC for Oracle that might cause this error ?

This is how I set up the connection and it works OK:

         strCon = "ODBC;DSN=" & dbname & ";UID=" & dbUser & ";PWD=" & dbPwd
         Set dbs = OpenDatabase("", False, False, strCon)
         Set qdf = dbs.CreateQueryDef("")
         qdf.Connect = strCon

Please advise !

Best Regards

 Terje Johansen

Sat, 28 Jun 2003 22:09:55 GMT  
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