MSCOMCT2.OCX and DateTime Picker control problem 
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 MSCOMCT2.OCX and DateTime Picker control problem

I am creating my own forms to pop up when a shape is dropped on the
page, using VBA.  Several of the forms needed dates, so I added the
Microsoft DateTime Picker control to the VBA Toolbox, and dropped them
on the forms.  They work exactly the way the date time picker control
works on the default Custom Properties forms.  This added a reference
to MSCOMCT2.OCX, found in the system32 directory.  However, only
machines with Windows XP can run this code; all others throw an error
saying the DateTime control cannot be found.

Does anyone know why Visio can use this control in its default forms
on any machine, but I cannot?  Or why it only seems to work in XP?  Is
there a different library that I should add a refernece to?  Is there
a way to get this control from the Visio library?  Is there another
way around this problem without trying to parse the text in a regular

Thanks for any help,

Fri, 21 Jan 2005 22:56:41 GMT  
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