User-defined functions suddenly aren't recognized 
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 User-defined functions suddenly aren't recognized

A client has our Access 97 application on a network drive
with 2 or 3 users accessing the same front-end .mdb.  All
of a sudden, all my user-defined function calls (reattach
tables, calculate age, etc.) receive the error "The
expression you entered has a function name that Microsoft
Access can't find" -- on one machine only.

This app has been running at this site for a couple of
years without changes.  The computer receiving the errors
has recently switched to Windows ME, but has run the
application on ME for several months with no problems.  
The client says (of course) that they haven't installed
any new software or reconfigured anything. Furthermore,
the app still works on a different machine in the office
with no errors.

On the "bad" machine, I can run the functions directly
from the VBA window without error.  It's only when I call
them from the autoexec macro, from a query, from code, or
from a control in a form, that they error out.

These functions are not in class modules, just generic
utility modules.

The application compiles without error.  I tried my usual
tricks -- removing and reinserting the DAO reference,
reinstalling Office -- nothing works.  

Anyone know what gives?

If at all possible, could you copy your reply directly to
my e-mail address?  I'd appreciate it much.


Sun, 17 Oct 2004 23:40:20 GMT  
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