Translate WordBasic AppShow in a real VBA 
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 Translate WordBasic AppShow in a real VBA

Hello all together,

Translate WordBasic AppShow in a real VBA-Code


A Wordaplication is called over a Interfaceprogramm with no Menueitems and no
CommandBars. It look like as the FullScreen-Modus, but I get no Menueitem. I try
the command Application.DisplayAlerts = wdAlertsAll, but nothing happens.
I thing the problem is how the VBA-Interfaceprocedure called the WordAplication.
There are some parameters which I don't now, how it called the small Word-Window.
I have no chance to change this call. I have to start with my Module after

When I use WordBasic.AppShow I get all Menueitems and CommandBars. By using the
translation Tasks(AnwWinWordName).Visible = True ore Application.Visible = True
nothing happens.

The VBA-Interfaceprogramm calls Word with a Dot and a Template with a AutoNew
Procedure. The AutoNew takes the hole creation of the new Merge-Document
including formation and printing.
Before Printing the User gets the chance to make some changes to the Document. At
this Time I have to use WordBasic.AppShow, other withe nothing happens.

Sorry about my bad English, but I am not in traing


Mon, 22 Sep 2003 17:18:33 GMT  
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