I'm sure that this is an easy question 
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 I'm sure that this is an easy question

The easy way would be to create a table that contains the counties and

Then you could run an update query or simply link the two tables together in
your queries.

In the update query.
Link the tblCountySalesmen to the tblSales by their County fields.
Then set the tblSales.Salesman equal to tblCountySalesmen.Salesman


> I have a table with five columns the first column is titled "County," and
> the second column is titled "Date," the third column is titled "Product,"
> the fourth column is titled "Dollar Amount," and the fifth column is titled
> "Salesman."  I append this table once a month to enter new data.  The append
> adds approximately 1600 new rows, but does not include any data for the
> column "Salesman."

> What I need is this.  I need to create an action query that will look at a
> county name under the column "County" and will create a salesman's name
> under the column "Salesman."  For example, if row number 1, 5, 15, 48, etc.
> contains the name Mecklenburg under the column "County," I would like to
> create a criteria that would say "If the column 'County' contains
> 'Mecklenburg' then enter 'Mark Arcilesi' under the column 'Salesman.'"  When
> I run the query, the name Mark Arcilesi would be added under the column
> "Salesman" on every row where Mecklenburg is listed under the column
> "County."

> Please help me if you can.

Mon, 14 Apr 2003 23:58:17 GMT  
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