Problem with OLE server 
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 Problem with OLE server

A collection of around 600 documents are putted together in 1 database.
I have given all documents (Excel/Word) the same header, printed on every
page, which contains some form fields.
These form fields are updated when the corresponding fields,
e.g. key, date or description, change in the Access table with
Visual Basic code.

I have an Access database with a table with the following fields.
     OLE-object (Word or Excel document)

The code is (Omschrijving (Dutch) means description):

Private Sub Omschrijving_AfterUpdate()
    On Error GoTo err_OLE_koppeling3
    Me!Document_Object.Object.formfields("Systeemnummer").result =
    Me!Document_Object.Object.formfields("Editienummer").result =
    Me!Document_Object.Object.formfields("Omschrijving").result =
    Me!Document_Object.Object.formfields("Invoerdatum").result =
    Exit Sub
    MsgBox "In dit document kunnen geen formuliervelden gevonden worden om
systeemnummer, editienummer, enz. aan te passen", _
           vbOKOnly, "Fout in document"
End Sub

The problem is that sometimes this works fine (only a few times) but after
(5 or so)
edits, complete office hangs and the computer must be rebooted.
I tried this in both Office 97 and 2000, both crash (also on different

Is there another way of dealing with this problem?
Does somebody have had the same problem?

I'm thinking of an Access report with the header filled in by Access and
then an OLE object (the word/excel document). The problem here is that
I can't let documents longer than 1 page get printed (which most of the
documents are).

Sat, 07 Dec 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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