Fax, e-mail and web solution using Word 2000 
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 Fax, e-mail and web solution using Word 2000

I don't know ZetaFax so I can only couch my response in general terms. Also if
any of the following falls into the category of "The Bleeding Obvious" ((c)
Basil Fawlty) it is not a slight it is just that sometimes we overlook "TBO" in
our haste.

(1) Have you printed out the scanned images outside of Word and checked that
they are OK. I have never had a problem faxing an image scanned on a HP scanner
using "Fax Fine" resolution (200dpi from memory).

(2) Have you printed the image once it has been inserted into Word? I can't
think of why the image would deteriorate but I have been surprised before
(Inserting into too small a frame possibly??)

(3) When you say "...send to ZetaFax..." do you mean actually sending the fax or
just previewing it? The "fax preview" mode on all fax packages I have used show
really terrible images but when they are received at the target fax machine they
have excellent clarity. Try a test fax to a local machine and see what it looks

Aside from that I can't help. It is possible that one of the gurus in this ng
may know of a "feature" which causes an inserted image to deteriorate but I
can't think of one.

Grant Cartledge


> Hi there! I have been given a project in which I have to automate the
> process of sending information to our clients. This can be either fax,
> e-mail or web. I chose MSWord 2000 because it can convert and manage all
> three options. Part of our business is to send clients scanned in immages of
> newspaper clippings... this is the point that I am at now. I have managed to
> insert the image programmatically into word, but when I send it to
> Zetafax(the fax software used) the image is badly deteriorated. How can I
> drammatically improve the quality of these images. (We use Hewlett Packard
> scanners, Office 2000 & 97, Zetafax)

> Thanks for the time
> Jacques

Sun, 26 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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