changing per-contact mail format preference setting 
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 changing per-contact mail format preference setting

In my copy of Outlook 2000, the "always send to this
recipient in Microsoft Outlook richtext format" option
is buried way down in the contacts system.  I have to go
to a contact, right-click the email address, choose
"properties" and *then* make the selection.  (In other
copies of Outlook 2000 that I've seen, the choice is
right on the main contacts pop-up; not so in mine.)  This
seems like a rather purposeful decision, to make it less
obvious how to avoid sending a Microsoft-specific format
to someone.

But, I digress.

From what I've gathered from various web sites, there
isn't a way to get at this per-contact (per-email-address,
really) setting from VBA.  Is this really the case?  I
sure hope not, because I'd like to go through and set all
of mine to receive plain text, and can't imagine going
through my several-hundred contacts and making this change
one person at a time...

Thanks in advance,

Sat, 14 Aug 2004 20:53:05 GMT  
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