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 Access XP => Outlook XP

I've created a little program to export all our contacts from Access to
Outlook.  With Outlook we can export the contacts to our Palm.  Is there a
solution to update a record in Outlook when we've changed it in Access?  I
guess with the "Find"-method but i also get errors :-(

This is a snip of the code to export the contacts:

'Export records of Access Table to Outlook contacts
For lngPosition = 1 To lngCount
    With rstFirma
        strContactID = Nz(rstFirma.Fields("IDEN"))
        strCompany = Nz(rstFirma.Fields("FIRM"))
        strBusinessStreet = Nz(rstFirma.Fields("ADR0")) & _
                            IIf(Nz(rstFirma.Fields("ADR1")) <> "", vbCrLf &
                            Nz(rstFirma.Fields("ADR2")), "")
        strBusinessCity = Nz(rstFirma.Fields("GEME"))
        strBusinessPostalCode = Nz(rstFirma.Fields("POST"))
        strBusinessCountry = Nz(rstFirma.Fields("LAND"))
    End With

   'Create contact item
   Set itm = itms.Add(strContactForm)

    With itm
        'Standard Contact fields
        .CustomerID = strContactID
        .CompanyName = strCompany
        .BusinessAddressStreet = strBusinessStreet
        .BusinessAddressCity = strBusinessCity
        .BusinessAddressPostalCode = strBusinessPostalCode
        .BusinessAddressCountry = strBusinessCountry

        'Close and save new contact item in Outlook
        DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSaveRecord
        .Close (olSave)
    End With
Next lngPosition

Where you see
   'Create contact item
   Set itm = itms.Add(strContactForm)

I've tried to insert:
Set itm = itms.Find("[CustomerID]=strContactID")

But he can't find it :-(
Anyone an idea?

Best regards
Bart Vanwijnsberghe

ICQ: 49454469

Thu, 20 Jan 2005 00:55:29 GMT  
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