User rights,Win2k&Word97 problem 
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 User rights,Win2k&Word97 problem


I'm using function Documents.Open on Win2k with
Word 97 SR-2.

Being logged on as Administrator, everything works fine.
If I create a new user in the "Users" group and log on as
the new user, the Documents.Open returns error:
80020009 - "Could not open macro storage"
If I add the new user to the "Administrators" group and
run the OpenDoc, everything starts working fine and keeps
working even if I have removed the user from the
Administrators group afterward!!! BTW the document I want
to open is a normal document with full access rights for

It has probably something to do with access rights to the
Office directory. Do you have any idea how to resolve the
problem elegantly?


Sun, 28 Dec 2003 19:32:54 GMT  
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