OL2000 Addressproperties. PR_COURTESY_TITLE doesn't return value 
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 OL2000 Addressproperties. PR_COURTESY_TITLE doesn't return value


In a form I want to get the value of  PR_COURTESY_TITLE with the GetAddress
method. When I try to retrieve it I get a empty string value. I use the
right addressbook, the value in the field PR_COURTESY_TITLE is filled but it
doesn't work.

I use the following codesnippet to test:
MyAddressProperties =


valueArray() =
Split(Application.GetAddress(AddressProperties:=MyAddressProperties, _
                                            UseAutoText:=False, _
                                            DisplaySelectDialog:=1), "#")
    For i = 0 To UBound(valueArray)
        MsgBox "Value is: [" & valueArray(i) & "]"
    Next i
End If

Maybe someone has a solution?

Thanks in advance,

Marcel Kollenaar
Institute for Curriculum Development
The Netherlands

Mon, 28 Feb 2005 22:25:05 GMT  
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