Disabling the "Customize" Toolbar 
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 Disabling the "Customize" Toolbar


> Hello everybody!

> I have developed a template and disabled the standard
> toolbars and inserted my own toolbar. I have not protected
> the document for forms. Now I want a macro that will
> autoexecute whenever a new file is created using this
> particular template disabling the user from using the
> right-click and select the "customize" toolbar which can
> enable the user to reset the "standard" toolbar.

Hi Doss,

I don't think you can keep the user from modifying the toolbars.
Right-clicking on a toolbar will always open the customization dialog.
Also, there are other ways to the customization dialog which you can't

It may be my template -- or even be my document --, but in the end, it's
the user's program  ;-)

With a customized template, I can try to help the user/author to work
efficiently and produce nicely styled documents, but I can't force him to.

And it's a dilemma (or paradoxon?): The more I customize, the more *I*
become responsible for the problems the user has, and the more support I
have to give him.
If he's so unhappy that he wants to remove my customizations, we'll have to
sort out the problems.


Fri, 27 May 2005 12:04:35 GMT  
 Disabling the "Customize" Toolbar
Thanks, Klaus

Fri, 27 May 2005 16:16:44 GMT  
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