Excel VBA runtime error when form loads 
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 Excel VBA runtime error when form loads

I have an excel addin for creating reports, when the user
clicks on the start report menu, it starts a userform
that asks for the dates to make the report from. if these
dates incorporate different jobs, it then brings up
another userform with a combobox(and a label for the
combobox) that gives the user the name of the jobs
available between the dates chosen. the first time after
excel is opened, everything runs fine. the next time it
is run, i get a application runtime error that
states 'the object invoked has disconnected from its
clients' when the second form is loaded. if the date(s)
selected on the first form only involve 1 job, the form
is never loaded by the code and the rest of the code
executes fine. any ideas about what i have wrong would be
greatly appreciated.

Wed, 05 Oct 2005 05:40:30 GMT  
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