Deleting Embedded Appointments (Attachments) from Contact 
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 Deleting Embedded Appointments (Attachments) from Contact

Hi everyone,
    I'm creating Contacts from an Access query. When I entered the DOB and Anniversary of the Contact, Outlook creates an Appointment with the title "<FullName>'s Birthday", or "<FullName>'s Anniversary". This is great, I have all of these birthdays and anniversaries on my daily schedule and I can make phone calls or send out letters to wish these people well.
    If I delete the contact, Outlook deletes these two appointments automatically.
    HERE'S MY PROBLEM. The Access table contains information for couples (which I call Spouse1 and Spouse2). I create each contact as:
            .FileAs = "John & Mary Smith"
            .FullName = "John Smith"
            .Spouse = "Mary"

    I then place John's DOB in the .Birthday field and their Wedding Anniversary in the .Anniversary field. Then, I create an Appoinment for Mary's Birthday ("Mary Smith's Birthday") and create an .Attachment for it in the olContact.Attachments container. I then create an .link item on the Appointment pointing back to the Contact.
    After running the code, I then switch to the Contacts folder and double click on any of the Contacts. All three dates appear in the Body of the Contact (and each Appointment contains the correct Contact name in the Contacts field at the bottom of the Appointment form. However, when I manually delete the Contact, only the Outlook generated Appointments are deleted, the Spouse2 ("Mary Smith's Birthday") is still in the Calendar folder.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Paul D. Goldstein

Fri, 23 May 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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