Sending Mail with Outlook using VB 
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 Sending Mail with Outlook using VB

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> Hello,
> We are in the process of migrating from GroupWise to Exchange/Outlook.  I
> have programs written for GroupWise that send out conformation emails
> internally within our company.  When making the programming changes so it
> would work with outlook I noticed that when my program tries to access the
> address book or tries to send a mail the user is prompted about this
> an outside program is trying to access address book, send email.. etc...
> our users are not the brightest(even though they are lawyers)  And my
> supervisor told me that for them to have to click "yes" 5 times would be
> cumbersome.  Now I know this was a security feature added to Exchange
> outlook. But is there a way to disable this security feature if the mail
> going internally?  Of course I wouldn't want to disable it all together in
> case of a virus but is there a way for Outlook to "trust" when the program
> is trying to send to an internal address?  My network guys said to try
> but I haven't found any code samples for this.  Is there anyway around
> Again We don't want this prompt to go away if the mail trying to be sent
> going to an external source.. Only if it is internally sent.  Thanks in
> advance!
> Patrick

Sun, 27 Mar 2005 04:24:17 GMT  
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