Updates To A Linked OLE Object 
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 Updates To A Linked OLE Object

I need to update a linked OLE Object.  I have a report that I build using
VBA.  The report contains an Excel Spreadsheet which I need to refresh from
a VBA procedure.  My procedure loops through a process that takes data from
Access and dumps it to a Excel Chart.  It then prints the report which
contains the Excel Chart and then loops back to process the next set of
data.  I know that I should be able to set the UpdateOptions Property to
manual and then use VBA code to refresh the linked Excel Chart.  I need to
know how to do the refresh with VBA - i.e. the event and code....

I am using Office Pro 95.

Thanks in Advance

Sun, 08 Oct 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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