Opening a personal file store (.pst) using VB6.0 
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 Opening a personal file store (.pst) using VB6.0

You'll probably need to use CDO to get the Senders Address as Outlook
doesn't provide this either. I don't know about DAO but in Outlook or CDO
you have a collection which would represent the Attachments for each item.

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> Hi guys :
> I had to read a .pst archive using Visual Basic and transfer the mails
> our corporate Oracle Database.
> I successfuly opened the pst using DAO and could also access my mail
> under the 'Personal Folders'
> but the problem arises when i had to access the mail attachments also with
> mail. the DAO table collection has a field in it called HAS ATTACHMENTS
> which is a logical field, when this is true, where do i get the
> from ??
> Another thing is how do i get the EMAIL of the sender, it only has a field
> of senders name but not the Email.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Thx
> Ravneet
> Software Engineer
> Supportscape Inc.

Mon, 05 Jan 2004 17:27:55 GMT  
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