EMailing out of MS Access 2.0 (NT 4) with a Lotus Client 
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 EMailing out of MS Access 2.0 (NT 4) with a Lotus Client

Hi there,

I have some problems in sending Emails via MS Access 2.0. I have a Lotus
Client installed and it has to run under Win NT 4.0. I want to use some
information in my form to send mail directly out of my form.

Do you have any suggestions how to solve this problem?

I am looking forward to your answers
Robin Wunsch

Mon, 27 Oct 2003 19:56:22 GMT  
 EMailing out of MS Access 2.0 (NT 4) with a Lotus Client

You can use our IDSMail component from within Access 2.0 to send/receive
E-mail via Lotus Notes.  IDSMail integrates with Lotus Notes via either
VIM (Vendor Independent Messaging) or Lotus Notes API, and your code can
specify which one IDSMail uses.  IDSMail can also work with any other
mail systems based on SMTP/POP3 (Internet mail), MAPI, VIM (Lotus), CDO
(Microsoft), MHS (Novell), or Banyan VINES.

For example, this Access 2.0 VBA code will send a Lotus Notes mail
message with a file attachment:

Dim idsMail as Object
Set idsMail = CreateObject("IDSMailInterface32.Server")
idsMail.ObjectKey = "ABC123"
idsMail.AddRecipientTo "Jim Smith"
idsMail.AddRecipientCc "Mary Brown, Doug Williams"
idsMail.Subject = "Meeting Agenda"
idsMail.Message = "Here is the agenda for the weekly meeting."
idsMail.AddAttachment "C:\MEETINGS\AGENDA.DOC"

If your code runs on 16-bit Windows 3.1, you can use the 16-bit IDSMail
component instead.  For more information on IDSMail, see


Eric June
Intuitive Data Solutions

----- IDSMail - The Universal E-mail Component  --------
Send/Rcv E-mail *EASILY* through SMTP/POP, VIM,
MAPI, MHS, Banyan VINES, Active Messaging, & CDO:

Tue, 28 Oct 2003 01:33:58 GMT  
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