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John McGhie, who has forgotten more than I know about Word, posted the
following. It says it better than I could, so I'm quoting:

"OK, let me run through this one more time...

"There are several password cracking programs offered for Word on the
Internet. The reason we don't recommend any of them is that obtaining one
involves giving your credit card details to someone who hacks passwords for
a living. This qualifies you for the Darwin Awards (you can look these up
on the net...)

"Sorry, the demo versions are usually limited to a password length of three
or four characters...

"OK, so you now have your cracker program: Word documents later than Word 95
are encrypted with 40-bit encryption.

"How long it takes to break the password depends upon the length and
character set of the password, and the speed of the computer used.

"If the password is the maximum length of 16 characters, upper-and-lower
case, including non-alphabetic characters, it can take 256 to the power of
16 attempts to crack that password. That's
3,400,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 attempts. Let's
assume you can do 100 attempts a second: that's ... Well, you do the math...

"This is an unimaginably large number. A fast computer (say a Pentium 1500
MHz with 256 MB of memory) will run for about three weeks night and day to
crack a password of half that length. To be sure to crack it, you need to
ruin the computer non-stop for about a year (and get lucky...) Of course,
if you are a normal mortal like me, you don't actually have a super computer
sitting around doing nothing on your desktop that you can devote to this. A
486DX100 processor won't crack that password in our lifetimes...

"How long can you afford to tie your computer up?

"Just thought I would tell it like it is..."

[end of quotation]

Actually, the cracking programs say that they'll only tie up your computer
for a couple of months - running continuously without crashing. Some can use
multiple computers banked to shorten this considerably.

Next time, write your password down where you can find it, or save a backup
copy that is not password protected.
Charles Kenyon

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> hi,

> i forgot a password for a excel 2000 VBA macro.

> Can anybody tell me how to open and edit it anyway?

> thx Phippe

Sun, 02 Nov 2003 10:29:06 GMT  
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