Calendar control and nested subdatasheet 
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 Calendar control and nested subdatasheet


I'm trying to use calendar control in one form, ahead of a 1-m relationship.
So far everything works fine, but when I want to look at nested
subdatasheets, they're gone and the only way to activate them is by
switching in the view menue to datasheet, form and then back to datasheet
view. Then, that "+" is there.

I'll explain:

I create a new empty form and inserted ActiveX Calendar Control (I name it
I then insert a subform/subreport, referring to my table ORDERS, which has a
"Date of load" field. Primary key is ORDERID. I name the subform "os1".

Manually, I link the Child Fields of this subform to "Date of load" and the
master to "cal".
Afterwards, I set up a command button, that, when clicked, sets the focus on
the subform os1. The result: when I select a date on the calendar and hit
the command
button, all orders of that day are displayed. If I enter any new order, they
will get the same date as choosed from the calendar, but this is (even) fine

The odd thing: Orders has a one to many relationship to orderpositions. So,
when I insert a new subform/subreport into the subform "os1", containing the
table orderpositions (this one I name it "os2") and link it with the os1 (in
my case orderid as linked fields), I cannot see the orderpositions nested,
i.e. I don't see the "+" for the nested subform (os2) of the subform (os1).
The only way to make it appear is like this:

1. Open the form
2. Choose the date
3. Click command button > os1 gets focus
4. Since os1 has now the cursor, go to VIEW and switch to DATASHEET view
5. Immediately switch back to FORM VIEW
6. The nested "os2" is now shown by the "+" symbol close to each order. I
can click on it and look at the orderpositions.

I don't know why the os2 isn't shown immediately and why I have to do that
switching forth and back. Please help.

Best regards

Sun, 18 Jan 2004 01:48:41 GMT  
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