Help: Logging into NT using WNetAddConnection2 
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 Help: Logging into NT using WNetAddConnection2

Hi outthere,
  I have an applicaiton that needs to update table data on remote servers
(on WAN).  Up to now they have been all Novell netware servers.  I am able
to attach, make a drive attachment, update access links, make data
modifications, then detach from the novell server.  We now have to add NT
servers to this process.
  I have been trying to make the API call to WNetAddConnection2 work since
it seems to allow a username and password to make the connection.  But it
only works when I am already logged into the NT server.  The return code is
5 (access denied).
  Utilizing the sample database (create and cancel network connections
programmatically) from Access 95 How-to, I still have the same problem.  Is
there another function to call to actually login to the NT server
  One acceptable way around this would be for the system to prompt for the
password if needed as happens when you go to Windows Explorer, Network
Neighborhood, (the NT server in question), a share name on the
get a dialog box stating 'you must supply a password to make this
Thanks ahead of time.

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Thu, 01 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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