Create a Stored Procedure for MSDE via code? 
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 Create a Stored Procedure for MSDE via code?

I'm working with an Access2000 project and want to create a stored procedure using vba.  I'm using the MSDE for the back end.  I know that if I was using SQL server I could simply create a script and then run it in SQL server, but in an Access project I cant find any way to run a script.  

The reason why I want to do this from code is becasue I have created a wizard that will create the stored procedure code and print it to any type of file I want.  Rather than copying the code from the text file and pasting it into a new strored procedure, it would be much better if I could just automate the full process.

Please advise.


PS:  Microsoft!!!  We need some new newsgroups for Access2000 projects.  This would help us promote and evangelize your products and help you make more money.  You need to help us to help you to help us to help you....

George Padvorac

Fri, 04 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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