Property problems with DAO 3.6 
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 Property problems with DAO 3.6

Folks --
    We have been having problems with accessing table
properties using DAO 3.6 using software that works fine
under DAO 3.51.  We are using Jet 4.0 SP5.
    The first problem we had was extreme slowness when
accessing the properties collection for either the Count
property of the collection or a named user-defined
property.  This has not been overcome; we found a
workaround that lets us search only the non-intrinsic
    Now we have a database (supplied upon request) where
attempting to access a table property causes a memory
access error inside DAO.  A procedure to iterate all the
properties of all the tables works fine in Access 97, but
fails in Access 2000.  The database has been repaired and
    Has anyone else experienced such a problem? Can anyone
provide any information on this?

Sat, 25 Sep 2004 01:52:28 GMT  
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