Why isn't this working!! Help!!! 
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 Why isn't this working!! Help!!!

I have 7 modules that run my "program".  When it gets to the one that (4) runs
sql commands, it doesn't work.  All the modules without sql work.  Why is this
happening??  Please help me!  I have to have this done today!  Thanks!


The function before the problem:
Function RateChange_Click()

    Dim msg2, title, button2, response

    msg2 = "Did C. Reddy, P. Barr, A. Leach, G. Gwatheny, E. Graham, J. Boles,
or B. Parker have hourly rate changes for this pay period?"
    button2 = vbYesNo
    title = "Question"

    response = MsgBox(msg2, button2, title)
    If response = vbYes Then
        DoCmd.OpenForm "rate change"
    End If

    If response = vbNo Then
        Call Wages_Click
        GoTo Exit_cancel
    End If
    Exit Function

End Function

The one that doesn't work when you click No on the previous msgbox:
Function Wages_Click()

    'Clear Input table
    DoCmd.RunSQL "UPDATE zzInput" & _
        "SET zzInput.PayPdBeg = Null, zzInput.PayPdEnd = Null, zzInput.[Gross
Wages] = Null, zzInput.[Union Dues] = Null;"
    'Clear Current Pay Pd table
    DoCmd.RunSQL "DELETE CurrentPayPd.* FROM CurrentPayPd;"

    DoCmd.OpenForm "NewPayPd"

End Function

Wed, 19 Nov 2003 01:06:09 GMT  
 Why isn't this working!! Help!!!
Forget it..I got it.  Had to put a space before SET and WHERE.

Wed, 19 Nov 2003 02:07:01 GMT  
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