Clear password in DAO? 
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 Clear password in DAO?


Access 97(8) and Win NT 4.0 Workstations and Server
I am developing a program who should be secured.
four questions...

1. the data.mdb goes on the server... but what about my mdw-file? on the
server or
   on the workstations?

2. I have developed my own user interface for security, since i don't
intend to
   do maintanence on it...
   on the builtin user interface there is a commandbutton that clears
any persons
   own password. (if they forget it)
   I don't know how to do that in DAO...
   I could store the groups the user belongs to in a array, delete the
user and then
   recreate the user without any password and adding him/her to the
groups stored
   in the array. Is that the only way to do it?
   or is the password stored in the Users collections property

3. when adding and deleting users, assigning them permissions, the
changes are not
   shown until i closes the database and then reopens it.
   the builtin interface is updated immediatly...
   Even if i list all users and groups in the immediate window the
changes are not
   Some information is stored in the Windows Registry i have read
   My company have userprofiles on every NT-machine which controls that
the user
   don't add their own programs on it, games etc. Would an Access
program make
   registrations like that which is not allowed? I tried to install an
   version using the ADT and the userprofile deleted my shortcuts when
   WIN NT.... ugly.... <smile>

4. i am using my own toolbars and commandbars, getting the CurrentUser
and the group
   that user belongs to i enable or disable menuitems. to be able to do
that i had
   to add the mso97.dll. is this file added automaticly when creating
disks in ODE?
   How do i add the pathstring to DATA.MDB in the setup program?
(DATA.MDB should
   be on the server...)

5. must i assign permission in DAO to enable me to use my own msgboxes
for errormsg?
   when entering a secured form i just read the builtin messages...
   I think it's nicer for the user to disable menuitems instead of them
trying to
   open a secured form and get a error permission message.

The program runs nice and fast using the /runtime option when opening it
that way.
Can i expect it behaves like that when distribution my program with ODE?
I have read so many articles about a function that doesn't work in one
and programs behaves strange in another enviroment...
I am using a few API calls and is worried about them in WIN NT... even
if i have
developed it on a NT-machine.

For you that have been reading all this... THANKYOU!

Best Regards

learned programming the hard way... home, at nights...

Fri, 21 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
 Clear password in DAO?

Hi Nils,

You will get better results in the future if you post separate
messages for each of you questions. People often hesitate to answer a
message with multiple questions if they don't know all the answers.

You will find just about all the answers to your security questions in
the security FAQ at:

To assure that mebers you add to DAO collections show up right away,
use the Refresh method of the collection.

 -- Andy

Wed, 26 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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