Stop link update in linked source file 
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 Stop link update in linked source file

Here's a tough one:

I have a Word XP document with charts and tables linked to an Excel XP
source workbook. The source Excel workbook itself has DDE links to a
database to populate its cells.

I am writing a macro in Word to open the Word document, and refresh
its links to the Excel workbook - but I don't want to allow the Excel
workbook to update its DDE links.

What is the VBA equivalent of pressing "No" in the Microsoft Excel
message box opened by Word when it discovers the DDE links in Excel? -
The one that says "This workbook contains links to other sources, to
update all click yes, to keep, press no".

Much obliged for any input.

Sun, 02 May 2004 08:01:58 GMT  
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